Increased flexibility and service level for GCE Healthcare in USA

We are pleased to announce two important changes to GCE Healthcare’s North American operation.

  1. All product distribution will transition to the ESAB distribution center located in Denton, TX. This state of the art facility will be the main distribution hub for all GCE Healthcare products, including Zen-O and Zen-O lite POCs as well as parts and accessories.
  2. Quality Biomedical will become an authorized service location for GCE Zen-O and Zen-O POCs. The company specializes in respiratory equipment, servicing stationary and portable oxygen concentrators and offers close service support across the country. Quality Biomedical’s online service portal allows customers to self-serve requests for RMAs to streamline the process and reduce service downtime.

The transition allows for greater flexibility and improved service level as GCE Healthcare USA is leveraging the combined strength of ESAB and Quality Biomedical.

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