Clarity from GCE Healthcare is a secure online platform that allows home oxygen providers to view data such as oxygen purity, device usage history, battery capacity, active alarms and more from a connected Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™ portable oxygen concentrator (POC), enabling them to;

  • Monitor device performance and carry out predictive maintenance
  • Support patients in adhering to their oxygen therapy
  • Manage assets and track devices
User friendly, smart system

Clarity features customisable dashboard and a traffic light system to give providers full view of their Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™ POCs.

Clarity automatically sends out email notifications allowing providers to respond quickly to alerts.

Extra assurance for patients

Clarity provides global coverage for connected GCE Healthcare POCs, allowing home oxygen providers to support/diagnose their device wherever they might be.

Home oxygen providers can also provide access for patients and their family members to view the status of the connected device on Clarity platform allowing the patient to enjoy a wider network of support.