ECOlite 4000

Electronic Gas Conserver

ECOlite 4000 is an electronic gas conserving device with automatic and manual modes and built in alarm modes.

  • The small, internal regulator, that allows the user to select a supply inlet pressure of between 1,6 to 5 bar
  • The working pressure of the device is regulated to 1,6 bar which enables a both clinically and physiologically patient friendly oxygen administration
  • The device has two operating modes, Automatic and Manual
  • The battery life time of the device is prolonged to last for 200 hours. Standard AA 1,5 volt batteries are in use
Art. Nr. Description
325197478 ECOlite® 4000 DE
325197479 ECOlite® 4000 UK
325197544 ECOlite® 4000 SE
325197545 ECOlite® 4000 FR
325197617 ECOlite® 4000 1,6 bar