Read stories from our Zen-O users.


Michael Barry, Arizona

"Literally my heart thanks you."

Hiking in the hills of Italian Tuscany and on the winding cobblestones of Siena, can make everyone breathless.

As a COPD patient I was so happy to have my trusted Zen-O by my side. It provided me with a smooth and high oxygen level all the way and made this trip amazing.

Richard Troxel, Orlando

“I use my Zen-O every day.”

During a trip to Venice, Italy, I had a stopover in Munich where I was unfortunately admitted to a hospital for breathing problems. I was gasping for air and it did not go away. The doctor recommended that I get a Portable Oxygen Concentrator and introduced me to Zen-O. Since Zen-O can be used in airplanes (FAA Compliant) I could continue my journey.

At home, my primary care and my respiratory doctor confirmed that I need oxygen 24 hours and are also pleased with the Zen-O. I use my Zen-O every day, even taking it out with me on various trips around my home state of Florida. I am very happy with it, and will most likely purchase another battery to extend the use time while traveling.

Ken Mulder, Michigan

"The Zen-O made the trip happen."

I have a passion for lighthouses. This summer I flew across the Atlantic to visit a great number of lighthouses in Northern England and Scotland.

The Zen-O made the trip come true and even helped me to climb the staircases in some of the lighthouses. top

Fran Elmore, Arizona

"The Zen-O is just what I want"

Zen-O™ is compact and easy to handle away from home, making it suitable for air travel and ideal for my active lifestyle that includes vigorous exercise.  I bought the device after the company that provided my oxygen didn’t supply me with a portable oxygen concentrator for a flight.

Zen-O offers me the benefits of pulse and continuous flow modes. I also use Zen-O in its continuous mode at night. I tried another portable oxygen concentrator by a different manufacturer but I didn’t get on with it, perhaps because you couldn’t use it in continuous flow.

The Zen-O is just what I want: a portable oxygen concentrator that keeps me saturated and is easy to use when travelling by air.